Brighton Etsy Craftivism Shout-Out!

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Craftivists Live Craft EventI’m quickly back here to unashamedly plug a great event happening this Saturday 29th March in Brighton.

Some 14 Etsy Sellers will set up camp in the window of Super+Super, Kings Road, Brighton. Every hour 2 people will be in the window busy making something each, so at the end of the event there will at least 14 pieces of work.

Each piece will become a raffle prize and all profits from the raffle will go to the local disability led arts organistaion Carousel.

Please go along and support this wonderful event for a worthy charity.

More info is available on the Brighton Etsy Team website. I’ll also be blogging about it in more detail on my new blog

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Moving on to Pastures New…

| Suprise Me

This website is no longer being updated for the reasons outlined below. I can now be found on my portfolio site and blog

erin_finished_illustration_with_collageSince having Poppet 15 months to the day, I’ve been on quite a journey personally and professionally. Having three children has been a lot harder than I envisaged! Throw a house renovation into the mix and well, let’s just say I’m greyer and wrinklier than those 15 months ago.

This blog started life as a Mum blog, to save me from those initial days, weeks and months of life with a newborn. As the months progressed, I started to feed my creative side once more. Writing about other creative projects has been wonderful. However the desire to have my own has been so strong, I just can’t deny it anymore.

These past few weeks I’ve been drawing again, reading creative texts obsessively and applying them back into my own work. My creative work is my passion.

I took part in the Blogging Your Way e-course a few months back and it’s totally changed my perspective on my blog and the way I want it to fit into my life. For the better I hasten to add.

Therefore I’ve decided to have a rest from talking about creative and crafty fabulousness here. Instead I now have my very own, creative portfolio site I’ll still be sharing my finds and inspirations, but they’ll just be alongside some of my own work. Hopefully it will give you more of an insight into a slightly crazy mum of 3′s attempts into ‘making it’ in the world of art & design.

I look forward to seeing you over there.

I’m still on Twitter @georgiestclair
I also have a new Facebook Page Georgie.StClair

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Craft Meets Fashion, Dolce & Gabbana Autumn 2014.

| Colour & Design Inspiration, Craft Innovation


Craft Meets Fashion | Craft Trends for 2014 | Dolce & Gabbana Fall 2014 Ready To Wear Shows A Touch of Craft
Now I certainly wouldn’t consider myself a fashion afficionado. I do, browse the images in Vogue and occasion and admire the latest styles, pinned by cool fashionsta bloggers on Pinterest. After all my grandfather was a master tailor and if I could come back again, I’d enter the fashion world as a master milliner. (more…)

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Tuesday Quick Quote: Don’t Stop Believing…

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Journey, Don't Stop BelievingAlways inspired by Journey’s ‘Don’t Stop Believing’ this is a great quote and sentiment to carry you through your week. Sometimes when the road gets rocky, the simple belief that things will get better is what you need to get though the day, week, month…

Made with an awesome app I’ve just discovered called Recite. Pinterest and quote addicts are going to love this one.

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Holstee Manifesto Poster

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The Holstee Manifesto PosterThe Holstee Manifesto Poster
I just adore this image, poster, ethos, message, whatever you want to call it. I like to try and read it every couple of weeks or so. Especially when life gets inevitably rough. It reminds me to return to this blog, to carrying sharing or delving into my passions and creativity via my sketchbook.

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